2023 Chevy Bolt Weight

December 14th, 2022 by
2023 Chevrolet Bolt sitting out in front of a beach house

The 2023 Chevy Bolt is a zippy EV model, capable of 266 pound-feet of instantaneous torque, and its aerodynamic design flies down the Paducah roads with ease. But, just how much does a Chevy Bolt battery weigh? The lighter the car, the better the efficiency and range. And while the 2023 Chevy Bolt weight varies depending on whether you choose the Bolt EV hatchback or the Bolt EUV crossover, you’ll be blown away by the performance and handling of this innovative lineup. Get to know the 2023 Chevy Bolt curb weight specs and more with research from Country Chevrolet GMC.

2023 Chevy Bolt Curb Weight: Bolt EV vs. Bolt EUV

What is the 2023 Chevy Bolt curb weight? The Chevy Bolt EV is a classic compact hatchback, while the Chevy Bolt EUV is a crossover SUV design. That means that the Bolt is lighter, while the EUV is a little heavier across its configurations. However, both deliver impressive acceleration and range in Murray regardless. Compare the 2023 Chevy Bolt weight specs below:

2023 Chevy Bolt EV Curb Weights per Trim 

  • 1LT: 3,589 pounds
  • 2LT: 3,624 pounds

2023 Chevy Bolt EUV Curb Weights Per Trim 

  • LT: 3,680 pounds
  • Premier: 3,715 pounds

How Much Does a Chevy Bolt Battery Weigh?

Now that you know the 2023 Chevy Bolt curb weight, how much does a Chevy Bolt battery weigh? While a regular car battery is around 50 pounds at most, an electric car battery is much larger. In fact, the Bolt battery weighs around 947 pounds! EV batteries contain hundreds of lithium-ion cells to store electricity for your Mayfield travels, so they are far heavier than the batteries found on a conventional gas-powered model.

Try Out the New Chevy Bolt at Country Chevrolet GMC

We’ve only scratched the surface of the new Chevy Bolt lineup, so if you’re ready for a test drive, Country Chevrolet GMC is ready for your visit in Benton! Contact us with any questions about our new inventory, or feel free to drop by our showroom. Our experts can get you behind the wheel, and we’d be happy to help you find the right Bolt for you.


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